Financial Responsibility Ads

The Alaska Chamber’s mission is to promote a positive business environment in Alaska. In January, 2015 we asked Alaskans what they thought about our state's economy, the priorities of the Alaska legislature, and our state’s budget.

To boost public support to give lawmakers, and the new administration greater confidence in making the tough decisions to balance the State's budget, we launch launched a series of radio and digital ads. The ads demonstrates how business owners and households make important decisions everyday to stay within their budgets and handle financial matters responsibly - the State of Alaska should do the same. "The ads serve two purposes" said Rachael Petro, President and CEO of the Alaska Chamber. "First, the ads create awareness of the state's current fiscal situation. Second, we are encouraging Alaskans to vocally support our elected officials as they work to manage the State's finances just like we each do personally and in our businesses."

Join us in supporting our elected officials as they make the tough decisions to reduce state spending like we all have to do at home and at work. For more information on supporting a reduction in State spending to sustainable levels, view our talking points.