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A United Business Community
The Alaska Chamber is, first and foremost, an advocacy organization. Comprised of active and engaged business and community leaders, our mission is to promote a positive business environment in Alaska. In today’s political and economic climate, a united business community that is focused on growing and fostering a healthy and diverse economy is critical. Did you know 80% of the legislation that impacts your business is passed at the state level? The Alaska Chamber stands behind strong, pro-business legislation and advocates for the issues that affect you.

Be Informed!
Each year dozens of bills are introduced before the Alaska Legislature that affect the way business is conducted in Alaska. It is difficult and time consuming for most businesses to follow every governmental action that can impact them. Keeping track of these activities, reporting them to members and helping to ensure that these proposed laws and regulations do not have an adverse impact upon Alaska’s economic climate is the primary role of the Alaska Chamber.

Be Involved!
Members help shape public policy that improves the business climate and help mitigate or reverse policies that threaten their company’s long-term success and vitality. Active participation in the Alaska Chamber allows you to be part of initiatives that strengthen your ability to grow your business now and in the future.

What if I do not have time to participate?
This is when it pays to have an organization like the Alaska Chamber watching out for your interests. Many business owners are busy running their business and simply do not have time. The good news is membership in the Chamber takes as much or as little time as you can devote. Some members participate by sitting in on our committees and task forces and getting involved in our events, seminars, meetings and trade shows. Other members choose to stay informed through our Website, weekly enews, action alerts and print publications. All members, active or not, provide support for activities and programs that benefit all businesses and the overall economic health of the state.

Become a Member!
Membership in the state's most diverse advocacy organization is a worthy and important investment to ensure that Alaska continues to be a state that is friendly to businesses of all sizes and industry. We are the Voice of Alaska Business! Being a member of the Alaska Chamber is an investment in the future of our state.