You may never go to the Slope, but you’re in the oil business.

You might never set foot on a cruise ship, but you’re in the tourism business.

And you may know nothing about mining or access issues for our Southeast communities, but you’re in that business too.

Alaskans rely on healthy industries to build a strong economy to have well paying jobs, quality schools, roads, parks and safe neighborhoods. 

But without the key industries that fuel our economy, Alaska would not have the funds to make all that happen. That’s a problem.

It matters to me to keep the oil industry strong and investing in new projects that fill the pipeline.

It matters to me to keep visitors coming to the state to create new jobs and economic development.

And it matters to me that we don’t allow outside interests an avenue to shut down our key businesses, access to our lands that provide recreational opportunities, crucial jobs around our state and resources the world needs. 

It matters because it’s our business.

It’s your business, too. 

For more information on the Alaska Chamber and its role supporting the businesses that support Alaska visit our advocacy page.